Gribbohm Soakenbottom

A normal height and build hide his stamina and agility. Has brown curly hair, a short untrimmed beard and occasionally wears a sailor's hat


Gribbohm looks nothing different from the average gnome, and that’s how he wants to keep it. He avoids wearing anything fancy, preferring instead to blend in with the crowd. In addition, he’s quick on his wit and even quicker on his tongue (even by gnome standards), a trait which has gotten him into quite some trouble. As a result, he’s learned to stand his ground in a fight and let his cousin do the talking to avoid the fight in the first place.


Ability Score Modifier
STR 7 -2
DEX 9 -1
CON 11 0
INT 9 -1
WIS 7 -2
CHA 11 0

Gribbohm Soakenbottom

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