Ability Score Modifier
STR 10 0
DEX 9 -1
CON 11 0
INT 10 0
WIS 9 -1
CHA 10 0

Ania is the only daughter in her family. She has 5 brothers older than her. She has grown up in the city of Erenhead and sea was always her choice. All men in her family are sailors in the sea of Pelluria. When she was very young, not even 12, she begun her first travels next to them. Next to her father and brothers she becomes a sailor herself, working for the armies of Shadow. But the Shadow was always her enemy. She was not able to express her feelings until one day the ship that she was aboard met another one. A pirate ship. Her instinct told her what to do. At once she left her family and become a member of them. She became a pirate. She is almost 20 year old now and she has sworn to fight the Dark as much as she is alive.


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