Part 1 The Gnomes

Swift Water, Zimra 99 LA

Girndahk and Gribbohm are approached by Wendell with whom they have collaborated in the past in some occasions, mostly trading staff. Wendell offered them a trading trip to the shores of the Ardune. There they’ll trade a few standard trading goods (ale, food etc.) and deliver some weapon supplies to an Orc war-band in order to do their job and some to the resistance to actually do it.

Their first stop was near a small human village at the north shore of Ardune where they got their first chance to trade their (in)famous ale outside Swift Water. They soon realised that this was not as easy as it seemed, since these villagers where more in need of food and tools than luxury stuff like ale. Despite these difficulties and after some bargains they managed to exchange a small keg of ale to one of the locals for a large piece of meat. Next was the hard part. Supplying the Orks with weapons.

A day later they reached the the point where the exchange was to be done. Since night had caught up with them Wendell decided they should wait at sea until the morning comes. First thing in the morning they took the boat to the shore and waited for the Ork warband to come and collect.

The delivery went bad when the Orcs realised, or think they did, that some weapons were missing. They then accused Wendell of stealing from the shadow and threaten to report them to the local legate. Wendell was able to convince the Orks that he brought exactly as many weapons as they told him to but he wasn’t able to save all of his shipment. The Orks took half of the ale barrels (including one of the ones that had some of the resistance’s weapons).

Then they gathered their stuff quickly and set sail back east to meet with the resistance and deliver that special “ale” of them…

[to be continued…]

Part 1 The Gnomes

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