The Calendar

based on the Sarcosan’s Book of the Sahi

1. SHAREEL, the Arc of the Sisters, the first thaws in the central plains usually come by the end of Shareel and the wild boro begin their migration north.

2. DOSHRAM, Planting, This arc is when young horses are broken. Sarcosan weddings are also thought most favored during Doshram.

3. SAHAAD, Spring’s End, this arc is the favored time for birthing foals. Traditionally this is also the time when nomadic Sarcosans left their winter camps. If born on the zenith of Sahaad, a Sarcosan child is thought to be destined for greatness.

4. SENNEACH, the Arc of Battle, this is the traditional time of hunts, conquest, and trade caravans.

5. HALAIL, High Summer, in Eredane and the hottest time of the year across most of the continent. Children of age often attempt their soba, or “breaking ceremony,” during Halail.

6. ZIMRA, Harvest, this arc is dry and windy across most of the lands. It is considered bad luck to be born in Zimra and in times not so ancient, children born on the zenith of Zimra were often drowned.

7. OBARES, the Arc of AUTUMN, and time for the last preparations before winter comes. Nomadic tribes returned to winter camps and settled in for the long winter by the zenith of Obares, also known as “the Day of Rests”.

8. HANUD, the Arc of the Dead, this a traditional time to honor the memory of lost relatives and the only time of the year when it is wise to ask favors of the Sorshef. The Dorns, long influenced by the Sarcosan calendar, hold their most solemn ancestor ceremony on the zenith of Hanud. They call the ceremony “the Calling of Honors”.

9. HISHA, the Arc of WINTER, this time marks the heart of the winter season. The zenith of Hisha coincides with the winter solstice and is called “the Day of the Sun”.

10. SUTARA, Long Winter, this is still a time of bleak cold before the spring. Since the end of the Third Age, the long winters often seem to cling to the lands, a dread portent many attribute to the foul ways of Izrador.

The Calendar

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