Campaign Rules

Character creation

  1. All players will start as commoners with -250XP. The statistics will be those of the commoner on the DMG 3.5.
  2. For the abilities, each player will roll 3d6 keeping two of them, seven times keeping the six. Minimum ability score is 7.


  1. Ready Action and Delay Action are merged as follows. When a player chooses to delay his turn he has the option to declare a trigger event, i.e., “I wait until the orc starts to charge”. If he does so he makes an opposed roll check against the character he competes with a +4 bonus. If he doesn’t declare anything or if he chooses to break his delay at another occasion then he makes the opposed roll with no bonus.
  2. Cover bonus is not as in 3.5 edition, a flat +4 in any circumstance, but it depends on the situation.

Campaign Rules

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