The dwarrow are the offspring of gnomes and dwarves. Long ago, such pairings were common, but since the dwarves have become so withdrawn, dwarrow are increasingly rare. Dwarrow appear as stout, uncommonly strong gnomes but tend to lack their even temper and inherent personal grace. As a rule, dwarrow do not have the fortitude to survive life in the mountains. If a dwarrow is unlucky enough to be born there, he is typically sent to the rivers to live with his gnome parent’s family. Dwarrow are welcomed by rafters for their strong backs and stronger loyalties.


Dworgs are perhaps the most unfortunate race in the history of Eredane. These bastard children are the misbegotten fruit of orc raids against the dwarves and are very rare. Those that are not murdered at birth suffer a lifetime of abuse as outcasts from their own kind. Most are killed in fights with their clansmen by the time they reach adulthood. Those that survive are usually banished from the clan and forced to make their way alone.

Many of these unfortunates find their way to the Durgis clan of the Kurgun. This alienated, half-wild clan of surface dwarves has a long reputation of accepting any dwarven outcast from other clans. The kinship dworgs find among the Durgis instills them with a rabid dedication to their adopted clan that few full-blooded dwarves can honestly claim.

Dworgs combine the strength of their orc fathers and the fortitude of their dwarven mothers and the result is the most physically imposing race in all the lands. Dworgs have the build and proportions of their dwarven kin but are almost as tall as humans. They have the wild eyes and heavy skulls of their orc parents as well as their gray skin, manelike hair, and large canines.

If any race hates orcs more than the full-blooded dwarves, it is the dworgs. They blame their orc fathers for their lives as outcasts and seem to take a measure of revenge with every orc they kill. The Durgis sent a host of dworg infantry to fight in what became the Last Battle with Izrador. The dwarven war ballads about that war are the only ones that have ever praised the valor and ferocity of their dworg kin.


Pairings between the diminutive Danisil elves and their halfling kin are not uncommon, and they sometimes produce offspring the elves call Luiniel or “little elfkin.” These people look most like smaller versions of the jungle elves, with lighter skin and slighter builds. They are welcome in the lands of both the halflings and Danisil, where their uniqueness is celebrated rather than looked down upon.


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